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How to Throw the Ultimate Unrivaled Pool Party Ever!

an Nothing better comes to mind in the summer season quite like a pool party. Gathering family and friends together to enjoy the sun, and cool off the heat in the cold water. But there's so much that goes into planning a fun poolside bash. Whether you’ve got a lap pool, a kid-sized space, or even just sprinklers, we’ve got plenty of pool party ideas to inspire your next epic pool party!     What’s a party without a theme? It doesn’t have to be something over the top as a pool party is sort of a theme on its own. I’m talking about something as simple as adding colorful décor, beach towels, and tableware to make it feel more...

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5 Beaches to Bring your Pool Floats

 Has quarantine got you dreaming of beautiful tropical beaches and their white sand and blue waters? They are the perfect place to enjoy your pool floats and relax. Their wide strips also allow you to visit while social distancing! Visiting the beach is the perfect opportunity to step out of your house and get a breath of fresh air. Keep reading to find 5 amazing beaches to bring your favorite pool floats! Los Roques, Venezuela Los Roques is a beautiful, enchanting beach in Venezuela that stretches across 160 km on the Venezuela coast. It also features around 300 islands that vary in size. This secret beach has crystal clear water and bright, white sand. The country has made sure to...

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Top 5 Pool Floats for Summer Pool Parties

Decorative pool floats have grown to become quite the trend over the years, and it seems like they're becoming more extravagant and popular than ever. These days, you can't go on social media without seeing someone lounging around on a giant pool float! Make your poolside parties more fun and popular by purchasing some of these fun, trending pool floats! If you want to get in on the fun with an Instagram-worthy float, look no further! Below you'll find the trendiest and coolest floats of the summer, from a rainbow cloud bar to a giant watermelon pool float. If you're less interested in hanging out on an inflatable butterfly and want a more practical option, we've found plenty of those...

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