5 Beaches to Bring your Pool Floats

 Has quarantine got you dreaming of beautiful tropical beaches and their white sand and blue waters? They are the perfect place to enjoy your pool floats and relax. Their wide strips also allow you to visit while social distancing! Visiting the beach is the perfect opportunity to step out of your house and get a breath of fresh air. Keep reading to find 5 amazing beaches to bring your favorite pool floats!

Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques is a beautiful, enchanting beach in Venezuela that stretches across 160 km on the Venezuela coast. It also features around 300 islands that vary in size. This secret beach has crystal clear water and bright, white sand. The country has made sure to reserve the beach’s nature. Enjoy the beach’s gorgeous view, bountiful nature, and fine sane. It’s the perfect relaxing getaway. Bring your pool float and sit on the calming waves!

Palombaggia, France

Palombaggia is the perfect hidden beach for your special getaway! It is known for its peaceful turquoise waters and Mediterranean charm. It has bright white sand and pink rocks. You’ll feel as if you have been transported to heaven! The beach is lined with pine forests and is a nature reserve for many sea birds! This quiet beach is the perfect place to relax on your pool float!

Pink Beach, Indonesia

The Pink Beach in Indonesia is one of the world's very few pink beaches! This makes it super unique. The beach also features clear waters, a bright blue sky, and deep green forests. You can also get a beautiful view of the Indonesian island of Komodo and its fauna. Just one picture of this beach on your social media will have your followers jaws dropping!

Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Just one glimpse of Anse Source d’Argent will make you feel like you’re in paradise! This beach has powdery white sand, silver rocks, warm, crystal-clear water, and rich vegetation. It is known by locals as a treasure trove and by travelers as a tropical paradise. It’s best to visit when the sun begins to set on the horizon. This time of day gives the beach a soft pink tint. After just one visit, neither you or your pool float will ever want to leave!

Fakarava, France

Fakarava is a beautiful white sand beach in the middle of the pacific ocean. It is listed by UNESCO as a “biosphere reserve”. This beach might be made up of white sand, but its bright blue waters and rich green plants add a perfect splash of color to the scenery. Floating around the water on a pool float is the perfect way to enjoy the calmness of this beach and its beautiful marine life!


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